Luxury furniture is a class apart. What distinguishes it from normal furnishing is the flawless beauty, attention to detail, originality, durability and a striking impression that lasts forever. Luxury interiors is beyond just furnishing, it reflects the personality. Every aspect of modern luxury furniture is unique right from fabrics, colours, designs and shapes. They are synonymous with quality and reliability. Unlike the regular furniture, luxury furnishings define the interiors to a large extent. Here are a few pointers to consider when you wish to spruce up your home with modern luxury furniture.  

Right colours

Colour is an important factor when it comes to modern luxury furniture. For an impressive and striking appearance, contrast colours work out well. If the other rooms are partially seen, then your furniture should blend well with the wall colours. Since sofa happens to be the focal point in a large hall or a drawing room, it must compliment décor well. Quite often we tend to match the colour with the wall paint colour. But the hitch here is, if you decide to change the wall paint sometime later, then it will not serve the purpose. Hence it makes sense to match the sofa with the other décor. A light-coloured sofa has challenges of stains. If you have toddlers and pets around, then it is not a wise decision to opt for light shades. Instead, neutral colours like beige, grey, cream are the best bet as they are stylish, comfortable and compliment well with the surrounding décor. 

Right fabric

Modern luxury furniture comes in a range of rich fabric to pure leather. The premium leather sofas, polyester and linen are easy to clean and are generally durable. While buying classic luxury furniture, it is always advisable to run your hand over the fabric. If you come across tiny knots called slubs, it indicates poor quality. Velvet certainly makes a statement for royal sofas, but at the same time, the fabric needs extra care as it is vulnerable to sunlight, spills and stains. Twill is also a good choice as it comes with a tight weave and is easy to maintain. Yet another material is PU, which is a cheaper option to leather. But it is not as resilient as leather and will not sustain in the long run.  Leather sofas with Aniline dyes leather are considered to be the finest quality known to last a lifetime. The fabric you choose depends on your lifestyle and the pattern, colour of your living space. One of the unique luxury furniture stores in India, Benoit specialises in fine fabric based high quality branded furniture imported from Europe, renowned for its stylish and durable comfort.  

Solid wood 

Classic modern furniture is made of exotic wood that is high in demand. Italian furniture manufacturers use a wide range of wood from across the world. Wood is divided as soft wood and hard wood. Most of the timber in the world is obtained from soft wood derived from coniferous trees. As they are relatively cheap, they are used in affordable wooden furniture. However modern luxury furniture uses hardwood derived from rare tropical trees.  Hardwood comes from various flowering and evergreen trees. Luxury wooden furniture is reputed for being dense, attractive and durable. Teak is also one of the most preferred wood known to be resistant to termites. Its colour tends to grow darker over time. Mahogany has been in used since centuries. The reddish-brown wood is much loved for its beauty and longevity. Rosewood is also highly valued in royal luxury furniture. However, Rosewood and Mahogany have become rare due to their limited harvesting. While considering royal wooden furniture, one must gauge the space around. Glass along with wood will make it light and also enhance the look. Exclusive luxury furniture stores like Benoit focus on bringing regal splendour to interiors with their stunning range of imported furniture handcrafted with utmost precision in Italy and Turkey. 

Furnishing luxury interiors can be challenging if not done accurately. Arranging the right furniture that blends well with the ambience, will not only add splendour but accentuate the feeling of comfort as well. Luxury interiors does not end with sleek furniture alone. The additional touch of artistic decorations like a sophisticated mirror, an elaborate painting, classic artefacts can further add extra grace to the space. The quality is the key when you shop for classic luxury furniture. If you are looking for luxury interiors professionals in Hyderabad, explore and experience the exclusive range of unique designs at Benoit, one-of- its-kind luxury furniture store, making a mark in bringing the regal splendour in residential, commercial and hospitality areas. In addition to ready-to-buy furnishings, they also excel at customisation and end-to-end interior design ideas from ceilings inspirations to classic furnishings.

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