ArtisticChoose Furniture Colours That Complement Your Interiors

Choose Furniture Colours That Complement Your Interiors

A home becomes more pleasant and livable with the right kind of furniture. And the furniture further sets the tone of your living space, when it is well coordinated with colours that match your interiors. The possibilities are endless when it comes to premium furniture styles in splendid colours. But you should know the colour schemes that perfectly coordinate with your décor.

Colour Influences The Mind

When it comes to picking furniture colour, don’t just go by the wall paint. As wall paint can be changed but furniture comes in limited selection of shapes and colours. Besides colour, light also plays an important role. If a room gets enough sunlight, you might want to choose a darker hue. The trick lies in balancing vibrant colours with neutral ones. 

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right furnishing with ideal colour schemes. Colour plays a very important role in creating a certain feeling when you look at it. For instance, yellow makes you feel positive, blue reflects peace, purple represents luxury and neutral beige represents pleasantness.


Living Room – Every living room contains sofa, armchair, coffee table. Since this is the first room of a house, it has to be more inviting and pleasant. As we tend to spend more time here, the furniture has to not only look stylish but last long. If the living room is spacious enough, luxury leather sofa set or a royal sofa and armchair configuration works out best. Nature inspired colours like cream, relaxing shades of green add sophistication. If you like a sleek vibe to the space, blue and white is a classic combination that has timeless appeal. For a breezy look, turquoise coloured imported furniture with a hint of white makes it lively and energetic. For a vintage styled room, a combination of green and mustard would appear bold while maintaining the classic look. If you wish to set a tranquil tone to your room, a mixture of neutrals with soft watery blue colours, textures like linen and rustic wood create a calm, soothing effect. If you prefer to add a twist of fun, dive into pink patterned colours balancing it with lighter shades for a cheerful look.  

  • Sofa – Arranging the sofa set with matching colours creates a formal look. And placing the arm chair at the corner brings a relaxed spot to the living room. You need to think about the sun light when you choose the fabric. Silk and leather might be prone to stretch and crease due to sun damage. However, aniline is soft and comes with a protective finish. Italian sofasare preferred for their unique styling and durability. If you have kids or pets, you must think twice before selecting upholstery unless it comes with a protective fabric that is easy to maintain. Cushions in pastels add character to the room. 
  • Coffee table – A sleek coffee table is the centrepiece of any living room. Consider the height of the coffee table or teapoy when placed near the sofa. The contemporary premium sofas with low slung will go well with near to floor designed teapoys. In addition to being trendy, the coffee table or teapoy must be flexible and easy to move along. An attached storage space will help in putting all magazines, newspapers, TV remote, etc inside and thus not clutter the space. Brown is a standard colour for teapoys as they go well with any colour of the furnishings. 

Console – A console should enhance the beauty of the living room and also adds to the functionality. Since lighter shades makes the space look larger, it is better to opt for neutral colours for console in hallway or entrance.


Bed room – Bed room is a place of rest and the person using it would certainly want to have a relaxed and soothing ambience. This is the space that should be free from clutter and feel more cozy, happy and at peace. Bed room furniture with subtle colours like baby blue, peppermint pink, grey set the mood of the space. Light shades will open up the space and dark colours will make it look compact. Investing in well-crafted qualitative and sturdy luxury furniture will add an extra dose of comfort. One must remember the bed is the focal point of the room, so it is important to consider the master bed room layout and architecture before deciding on headboard, classic dressers, bed side tables, storage cabinets etc. The room should have enough space to move around. Whether you turn it into a dream retreat or a museum depends on the furniture in the room. A modern luxury bed design can be the anchor piece here, it is better to keep other furnishings and decors to the minimum. A classy headboard to royal beds and extra space around contribute to a luxurious bed room design. Sleek contemporary built-in wardrobes and bed frames with drawers will help in concealing things and providing a cozy look to the sleeping nook. 

Dining – A thoughtful combination of colours coordinating with the floor and the décor around will enhance the aesthetic quality of your home. The dining room is more than just an eating space. It is the central part of your home that brings together people for conversation and laughter. It is better to choose colours that never go out of style. Dark colours like black are a bit tricky as any slight scratch might show up. Luxury dining table designs come in interesting wood furnishings with different finishes from high gloss to matte, solid wood, tempered glass, fostered glass, marble and granite. A dark- coloured dining table might make the space look overcrowded. The shape of the table should bring balance to the surroundings. While a round table is suitable for smaller rooms, long rectangular tables create beautiful ambience and fit well in large spaces. Wooden tables are mostly preferred for universal appeal and easy maintenance. Glass is ideal for a modern look in a smaller dining room. Granite, marble and onyx stone come under the category of luxurious dining table options. They are resistant to scratches, heat and are easy to maintain. Italian dining tables are considered the favourite among high end luxury dining tables. The opulence and long- lasting quality of Italian dining tables make them the most preferred choice. When it comes to chairs, it must be noted that they have enough room under the table. In addition to having good back support, it should also match the style of the dining table. When it comes to fabric, leather is generally not recommended as it makes for sticky seating. Wooden or upholstered ones are more comfortable. 

Every house has unique interior requirements depending on the space and one’s likes, preferences and sense of style. But the right colour balance and suitable furniture certainly adds style and warmth to your home. Some exclusive luxury furniture stores offer right guidance with a wide range of interior ideas. Benoit is one such unique furniture store in Hyderabad, featuring exquisite imported furniture known for fine detailing, originality, quality and durability. Sourced from leading international furniture brands from Italy and Turkey, every piece focuses on elegance and comfort. Explore their luxury furniture collection on

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