Furniture is the backbone of a home’s aesthetics. It should not only be durable 

but beautifully compliment the space.  Whether it is a new house or updating 

the current home, picking the right furniture is an important decision as it 

contributes to blending grace and comfort.  It often happens that most of us 

have the impulse to buy a marvellous luxury furniture set at the store. But 

after buying, we realise it did not quite turn out the way we wanted. The 

reasons could be either space or colour patterns of your interiors. It is 

important to choose the classic furniture style that goes in tandem with the 

size of your living space. Let’s explore the types of classic furniture styles and 

how to go about choosing the one that enhances the beauty of your home. 

Furniture styles

While buying furniture, it is always better to choose the right style that reflects 

your personality. From classic to royal furniture, neo classic, contemporary, 

modern, antique, Victorian and retro, the styles and designs are plenty. But 

understanding the features of each category will help you narrow down the 


Royal furniture – Adorned with delicate designs and patterns, royal furniture is widely recognised for its attention to detail, beautiful style, functionality and durability. It reflects high sense of sophistication and fine strokes of art. Ornate patterns and rich fabrics like velvet, brocade is used along with high quality teak wood. 

  • World-class luxury
  • Superior style, best comfort
  • Elegance without occupying too much space

 Classic furniture – This style of furniture adds certain refinement to the space

 with a dash of luxury and reflects an exquisite appeal. Be it an armchair, 

couch, dining table with carved legs or decorated with cornices, classic 

furniture adds a more aesthetic look to your living space.  

  • Intricate detailing like carvings
  • Never goes out of style 
  • Suits elegant and luxurious interiors

Neo-classical – The classical patterns are retained in contemporary form. Often referred to as Louis XVI style, this furniture style is inspired by elements from ancient Greece and Rome. Neoclassical uses mild pastel colours in furnishings that look and feel comfortable. It is perfect for those who prefer classic furniture but like to keep pace with the changing times. 

  • Lends a sophisticated appearance
  • Rich yet subtle
  • Relevant for spacious houses

Contemporary furniture – Contemporary furniture evolves with the changing times. These design patterns address modern lifestyle preferences. 

  • Sleek and up-to-date designs
  • Simple and free from decorations
  • More suitable for offices and minimalistic interiors

Modern furniture – Though modern and contemporary look similar, modern furniture refers to designs popularised during 1950s and contemporary furniture belongs to the current time period. Modern furniture focuses on simplicity and functionality. 

  • Light and easy to move
  • Facilitates more floor space
  • Numerous shapes and sizes

Antique furniture The value of antique furniture increases over time. It’s like adding a historical charm to your interiors. They are extremely well crafted with high quality materials and stand strong for decades. The presence of just one antique piece accentuates the beauty of your living space.

    • Great investment in the long run
    • Never out of style
  • Valued for its durability

Victorian furniture The origin of Victorian range of furniture dates to the times of queen Victoria. Crafted with extravagant designs, it is admired for its Englishness, interesting floral, leafy patterns and colours. The most luxurious furniture style features rich upholstery, shiny finishing with Mahogany, Rosewood and Oak as the preferred choice of wood. 

  • Adds class to interiors
  • Stands the test of time
  • Ideal for spacious rooms with high ceilings

Retro furniture – Retro furniture lends a fun, lively feel with unique designs and bright colours. The high-quality comfortable furniture has nuances of every style in it. They might have a nostalgic aura but are widely appealing at all times. 

  • Classic designs with modern twist
  • Perfect for those fond of styles of the past
  • Ideal for small spaces

Whatever style you choose, remember it must go well with your home style. A gorgeous furnishing not only instils a sense of feel-good factor but creates great first impressions. Though there are best furniture stores in India, only a selected few offer unique and high-end classic furniture in India. Benoit is one of the unique and best furniture shops in Hyderabad reputed as the ultimate destination for imported furniture in India. They specialise in a range of deluxe furniture in various styles in addition to providing professional all-round luxury interior designing services in Hyderabad, for residential, commercial and hospitality establishments. Visit their store at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad, to explore the best of classic furniture styles.

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