Classic sofa to compliment your space

Sofas are the most used furniture pieces in a room. From modern to classic, leather to upholstered, the choices are plenty. A sofa can beautify or spoil the whole look of your living room, depending on its selection.  Call it sofa, settee, couch, sofa set is the integral part of classic luxury interior design. From velvety soft Victorian sofas for ornate interiors to contemporary couches with minimalistic designs, there are a wide range of sofas for every room. The different types of sofas include settees, sectional sofas, recliners, Tuxedo and Chesterfield.  Buying a perfect sofa need not be a daunting task if you are clear about the space, ambience and the style that suits your home. Though there are number of best furniture stores in India, it is important to select the one that offers quality and durability. The essential steps to consider while buying a classic sofa are:

  • The size of the room
  • The material
  • The décor around

 Let us take a look at some of the popular classic styles of sofa: 

Sectional sofa – These sofas are made up of different sections. Also known as L shaped sofa, they create a modern look to the space. The main difference between regular sofas and sectional sofa is that it has a chaise (Long end to prop one’s legs up). There are U shaped sectional sofas too which are more comfortable for large families. These sofas come in leather or fabric with or without wooden frame for more aesthetics. It can easily offer seating space for 6 people and since it is a heavy piece of furniture, it is ideal for spacious rooms.

Settees – Derived from the old English word Setl, long bench with arms, settee is a smaller and sleek than the standard sofa. These sofas help in sitting upright and offer strong back support. When choosing a modern furniture like settee, look out for quality materials like upholstery or the leather used. Also determine the sofa shape that would suit your interiors. 

Victorian sofa sets – Rare and unique, these royal sofa sets have deep seats and upholstered back. One piece of Victorian furniture can complement your entire space perfectly giving it a royal lavish look.  They also make an inspiring addition to your bed room. The colours are usually bold and range from purple to forest green and navy blue. The right balance of colour, texture and ceiling pattern must be considered while choosing Victorian furniture.  

Choose the sofa that blends well with your space

The size of the sofa should go with the layout of the room. If the ceiling is high, a retro or Victorian furniture adds charm. Minimalistic designs of modern furniture will suit a room with contemporary interiors. A royal sofa with tufting on the back or the one with intricate patterns can enhance larger spaces with minimum décor around. The living room can be made more relaxed with a deep seat sofa with cushions. Vintage luxury sofas with velvet fabric can look perfect for parlors (living rooms) or corridors. A drawing room needs a sofa with upright seating that makes it easy to sit and get up for visitors. 

Though there is no dearth for variety, all you need to do is consider the essential factors before making the choice. It is wise to insist on shopping at a store that emphasises on quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship as it will not only make a gorgeous visual impact but will also be a one-time investment that will be worth it. If you are looking out for luxury sofa styles and designs from international furniture brands that stand the test of time, you could explore the eclectic range of imported furniture at Benoit, the luxury furniture store in Hyderabad.  In addition to ready-to-buy and customised furniture sourced from seasoned furniture brands from Italy and Turkey, Benoit also specialises in all round luxury interior designing services in Hyderabad, for residential, commercial and hospitality sectors.

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