The Popularity of International Furniture Brands in India

International furniture brands in India are giving a boost to the furniture market which has a huge potential. Changing lifestyles and increased spending capacities have been main factors for people to invest in home décor to enhance living spaces and working environments. This has given rise to the popularity of international furniture brands in India.

In the last few years, international furniture brands in India have been giving a major boost to the furniture market. Keeping pace with the global trends, the premium furniture brand Benoit showcases a variety of famous international furniture brands.

With many people paying attention to home furnishings, several showrooms are sourcing world-renowned brands and designs making international furniture brands in India, easily available. It helps in avoiding so many costs involved when one directly buys furniture overseas. The hassles include damage free transportation, freight charges, shipping and clearing custom duties.


Future Looks Bright for International Furniture Brands in India

Considering the immense market potential and economic prediction that Indian will be among top 3 economies by 2030, many global manufacturers are collaborating with local partners to increase their brand’s reach. With the Government of India’s FDI approval in the furniture industry, the future for international furniture brands in India, looks bright.

The supply of imported furniture brands in India is now no longer restricted to cities like Delhi and Mumbai. With a sharp rise in luxury homes, global business houses and corporates in other cities like Hyderabad and Chennai have led to establishment of showrooms that specialise in international furniture brands in India. The showrooms are now spread across all major Indian cities.

Unique Store for International Furniture Brands in India

One of the premier stores specialising in international furniture brands in India, is Hyderabad based Benoit. The showroom features elegant luxury furniture imported from Italy and Turkey, the leading countries in durable and classy furnishings. Benoit also caters to customised products and interior décor solutions for residential, commercial and hospitality segments.

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    Benoit is the first of its kind prestigious destination in Hyderabad, for world class luxury furniture and interior décor ideas