The Classic Appeal of Italian Furniture in India

Italian furniture in India is quite popular for its unique designs. Italian furniture tops the list of designer furniture across the world. It is innovative and creative in addition to being comfortable. The design of furniture kept evolving over the years. They are known for high quality and elegance. With the rising prominence of trendy interiors, there is an inclination towards Italian furniture in Hyderabad.

Highly admired for elegance, comfort and quality, Italian furniture in India has gained popularity. Premium brands of luxury furniture like Benoit showcase an authentic Italian range known for excellent craftsmanship and quality.

Since the time of Renaissance, Italian furniture is most sought after for home interiors. Early designs included adaptations of Greek designs. Italian furniture was even seen in paintings. The classic style of the designs led to worldwide appeal. Having started in the 15th century, the designs have evolved and undergone drastic changes, keeping pace with the trends. While the styles have changed, the quality and craftsmanship remain strong. It is the attention to minute details that make Italian furniture in India, most popular.

Demand for Italian Furniture in India

Popularity of global designs and changing lifestyles have strengthened the demand for Italian furniture in India. Be it design, colour or texture, Italian furniture is characterised by sophistication. Some of the high-end brands include Roberto Cavalli Home, Fendi Casa, Armani Casa, Missoni, Bugatti Home and Brabbu among other world class brands. They have the traditional craftsmanship that is in tune with the current trend of simple and minimalist designs. Italian furniture in India catches on well with the consumer here because of the variety that is available. So, the import of Italian furniture in India has seen a steady increase in the past few years. Known for its innovative blend of modern technology and artistic elegance, Italian furniture in India is all set to meet the ever-changing lifestyle requirements.

Top Choice in Italian Furniture in Hyderabad

The style-conscious consumers in Hyderabad have also caught on the fancy of Italian furniture. The “Manufactured in Italy” stamp symbolises superior craftsmanship. There are very few stores specialising in authentic Italian furniture in Hyderabad. Reputed for their Italian luxury classic furniture, Benoit showcases a versatile collection from classic to trendy, modern and minimalist designs with fine detailing, neat carvings, superior wood like Mahogany, cherry and floral patterns to suit the ambience of living space. In addition to ready-to-buy Italian classic luxury furniture, Benoit also caters to interior décor solutions from ceiling designs to luxury furnishings. It is one of the top choices for Italian furniture in Hyderabad.

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