Pizza and Ferrari are not the only success stories from Italy. It is also home to the best luxury furniture in the world. Italy also happens to be one of the international capitals for design, style and fashion. Among the plethora of modern luxury furniture styles ruling the market, Italian furniture occupies a special place and is often the first choice when it comes to classic luxury furniture. What really makes it the most favourite and unique? Here are a few reasons: 

Long history – Italy’s name tops in the world class furniture list. The country has been known to create innovative designs with genuine materials and attractive themes. The high-end luxury furniture brands include Roberto Cavalli Home. Armani Casa, Missoni and Bugatti Home. Italian furniture is reputed to combine modern technology with artistic elegance that has the ability to meet the ever-changing lifestyle requirements. 


Fine materialsItalian furniture emphasises on precise style and detailing. Italian designers follow contemporary, classic, neo classic and modern styles. The fine detailing adds charm to the space and also gets better with age. The furniture wood that is primarily preferred include Mahogany, cherry, walnut wood etc. Marble, granite, quartz, Onyx stone is also extensively used. 


Aesthetics – When it comes to sophistication, Italian furniture has the strong hold because of their mastery in craftsmanship. Every tiny detail is given most importance, to ensure the final product looks unique. The designs are created with attention to detail on finest fabrics. Some of the techniques include crafting decorative gold leaves with protective layers. The shine and brightness are painted with superior quality varnish that does not lose the texture and quality with the passage of time. 


Comfortable & durable – Quite often, we end up getting back aches due to the wrong kind of furniture. Sometimes, after long usage, the sofas or chairs tend to become uncomfortable. Italian sofas not only look elegant but also offer maximum comfort. If well maintained, they last a lifetime. So, Italian furniture works out as the best one-time investment wherein one need not keep replacing or reupholstering the old furnishings. 

If you are someone who cherishes sophisticated luxury interiors that make your living space pleasant and unique, Italian furniture is the ideal choice for your home. However, there are very few Italian furniture stores specialising in authentic Italian furnishings. So, one needs to explore and find the right showroom that features original Italian interior designs. If you are in Hyderabad, you should feel lucky as you can head to Benoit, the exclusive furniture store specialising in imported modern luxury furniture in various styles ranging from classic to neoclassic, contemporary, Victorian and modern designs. The store also caters to customisation and offers end-to-end interior design ideas as well. 


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